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MYLO's 2021 Marianopolis Case Study Open

This case competition will be the first of the semester. Both amateurs and connoisseurs are welcome to enter this intercollegiate case competition where you will be able to meet new friends—something COVID made really hard— and strive altogether to improve .

Whether you’re looking to improve your cooperation and critical thinking skills, or impress the judges with your amazing communication skills, or are just looking to learn more about business and entrepreneurship, MCSO is the perfect event for you!

This event will be hosting one guest speaker and a panoply of panels. You’ll be able to meet people from all kinds of industries and professional backgrounds (more info will follow in future posts).

One thing that we can definitely guarantee: you won’t be bored, that’s for sure 🙌!

The dress code will be business formal, so be ready to pull out your most elegant attire and truly embody your internal boss 😎.

Make sure to complete the sign up form to be fully registered: https://forms.gle/vpxeBC7yEtRVwN4T6